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Low density, excellent soft touch, very good physical and mechanical properties

EVACARE manufactures new generation materials based on EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer) with injection technology for making crosslinked and expandable products.EVACARE, which produces light and extremely durable materials, thus ensures its use in many applications. These applications are; soles, slippers, boots, bags, wheels and many other technical products. EVACARE produces according to the needs of its customers in different hardness, density and colors.

Ideas in plastic

We work everyday next to our customers to understand their needs and transform their ideas in a finished product that is nice and functional.

Research & Development

We believe that a continuous research activity is the only way to offer products that are always innovative, competitive and more performing.


A state of the art equipment together with production flexibility and capacity allow us to serve our customers quickly and with constant quality



Lightweight, flexible, abrasion resistant, soft



Lightweight, good grip, wide range of colors



Lightweight, resistant, perfect aspect